Revolutionary portable power station

​ElecHive 2200

Small but powerful


capacity of battery 


output power 

High Energy Density Battery Pack 

Industrial Grade Invert System 

Suitable for all life scenarios
Camping, Tailgating, Workshops, Emergency home backup.

Steady & Safe 
Dustproof, Moistureproof, shockproof 

Battery Tech

Compact, and Powerful.

ElecHive 2200 adopted the new-gen battery technology by using high-energy-density battery cells. The size of this power station is only a little larger than a basketball, but it has a capacity of 2400Wh. Compared with the conventional power station with  18650 battery cells, the volume is reduced by 20% and the weight is reduced by 32%. Meanwhile, ElecHive 2200 is more low-temperature resistant supports the use of -4 to 104 ℉  in the environment.



battery capacity 

Volume size


smaller than others


-4 ℉

environment use



lighter than others

The size and weight of different battery cells with 2400Wh capacity



ElecHive 2200 latest battery
used by electric car




18650 Lithium-ion battery
used by most the portable power station today



Lead-acid  battery
used by most the portable power station before


AC Inverter System

Super Output Energy 

Increased 2200W Pure sine wave AC Inverter (4000W Surge) allows you to run power-hungry devices and appliances with confidence. Our new industry-leading inverter can handle surges from power tools, medical devices, and home appliances, including full-size refrigerators.

Up to


surge output power

Up to


rated output power 

Cooling System

Efficient but quiet

Packing this much power into such a small space required an all-new thermal architecture — including an optimized air duct, a bigger fan, expanded vents, and a redesigned power supply. These features provide a quicker, quieter cooldown.


increased airflow



more maximum power

Dust and Humidity Prevention

Dust and 
Humidity Prevention

Equipped with a large suction system to help prevent dust and moisture buildup. This system was specifically designed to protect the power system in outdoor and dusty environments.

Output Interfaces

Versatile Port Options

Power a wide range of devices with the five different port options, including a fast-charging 60W USB-C port, multiple USB-A ports, a regulated 12V, and four 110V AC ports.

Charging Ports

Experience Unlimited Power

Charge the ElecHive 2200 with sunlight by using the portable solar panels when off the grid, or charge it traditionally with a wall outlet at home. The integrated MPPT charge controller ensures you’re getting the most efficient charge possible.


Power Whenever You Need

An all-in-one power station perfect during both indoor and outdoor activities, and even as an emergency power back-up.


Pack capacity: 2442Wh
Weight: 34.17 lbs (15.5 kg)
Dimensions: 12.6 x 9.06 x 9.84 in (32 x 23x 25 cm)
Operating usage temperature:-4~104 F (-20 ~ 40 C)

POV Camera

(5 Wh)

485 Recharges

Smart Phone

(12 Wh)

203 Recharges



80 Recharges



48 Recharges

DSLR Camera


135 Recharges

Head Lamp


485 Recharges

Portable Fridge

(25 Wh)

98 hours

Pellet Grill

(60 Wh)

41 hours

Full Size Refrigerator

(55 Wh)

44 hours


(1000 Wh)

2.5 hours


(100 Wh)

25 hours

Circular Saw 

(1500 Wh)

1.5 hours

About Us

Zero Breeze believes life can be better and freer with a nonstop revolution.  We aim to break through restrictions by using the latest technology and bring better and more revolutionary products to our lives. under such a vision, we launched the first-ever revolutionary portable AC,  Zero Breeze  Cordless Battery Portable Air Conditioner Mark 1 & Mark 2. 
Now we brought a  portable power station  ElecHive 2200 with smaller size and larger capacity. The ElecHive 2200 battery station is designed to act on those issues directly by reducing its size and increase its power capacity. Moreover, we upgraded the battery to dust/ moisture/shockproof,  redesigned a better cooling air duct, and of course, it's quieter.

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